Conele Truck Mounted Concrete Pump Truck Howo chassis

Conele Truck Mounted Concrete Pump Truck Howo chassis

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Product Details Information: Certification ISO9001: 2000, CE Max Output Power(Kw/Rpm) 321/1900 Max Torque(N·m/Rpm) 2059/1800 Wheelbase(mm) 4005+1350 Vertical Reach 36m/4 Section Output (Low/High-Pressure) 160/109m³/H   Introduction: A concrete pump truck is a machine based on the transformation of a truck chassis that uses continuous pressure to pump concrete along the pipeline. It consists of a pump and a delivery tube. The concrete pump truck with foldable boom is deve...

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    Certification ISO9001: 2000, CE
    Max Output Power(Kw/Rpm) 321/1900
    Max Torque(N·m/Rpm) 2059/1800
    Wheelbase(mm) 4005+1350
    Vertical Reach 36m/4 Section
    Output (Low/High-Pressure) 160/109m³/H



    A concrete pump truck is a machine based on the transformation of a truck chassis that uses continuous pressure to pump concrete along the pipeline. It consists of a pump and a delivery tube. The concrete pump truck with foldable boom is developed on the basis of advanced experience at home and abroad, using advanced modern computer simulation technology to analyze the effects of various parameters such as stress, displacement and natural frequency on the fatigue of the boom.



    1. Independent research and development: diesel power, accurate output, not affected by the power factor of the construction site, strong adaptability, any site can be constructed. Boom pump power design independent research and development lead the peer

    2. Large space, low body, fast heat dissipation, reduced energy consumption

    3. Safe and reliable, avoid tipping, stable constant pressure with mature hydraulic technology, no generator, no failure rate

    3. Mobile convenience, saving labor, stable and efficient


    Technical Parameter:

    Model 21m 25m 29m 33m 37m
    Pumping    system Max. theor.
     Output volume
    (high/low pressure)
    m3/h 37/63 60/100 55/90 55/80 160
    Max. theor. 
     Output pressure
    (high/low pressure)
    MPa 13/7.5 12/7 13/7.5 13/7.5 8
    Working pressure MPa 32 32 32 32 32
    Pumping frequency
    (high/low pressure)
    min-1 14/24 14/23 18/30 18/30 26
     Hopper capacity L 450 550 450 450 600
    Filling height mm 1450 1540 1450 1450 1600
    Hydraulic form open loop open loop open loop open loop open loop
    Distribution valve S valve S valve S valve S valve S valve
    Oil cylinder 
    mm Φ125×1400 Φ140×1800 φ125×1650 φ100×
    Concrete cylinder 
    mm φ200×1400 φ230×1800 φ200×1650 φ200×
    Oil cooling Air cooling Air cooling Air cooling Air cooling Air cooling
    Concrete slump
    cm 12~23 12~23 12~23 12~23 12~23
    Max. aggregate size mm 40 40 40 40 40
    Placing boom Structure type 3R 4M 4M 4M 4Z
    Placing height m 21 25 29 33 37
    Placing radius m 17.5 21 25 33 34
    Placing depth m 10 14.4 18.4 22.4 21
    Slewing angle 365° 365° 365° 365° 365°
    Pipe dia. mm 125 125 125 125 125
    End hose length mm 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000
    Min. height of 
    Open placing boom
    mm 8500 6410 10638 11900 8500
    Outriggers span
    mm 4024
             ×7200            ×8120
    Truck Chassis model EQ5161TZZKJ
    ZZ5207N5617D1     (HOWO) ZZ5207N5617D1
    ZZ5307N4647C    (HOWO)
    Wheelbase mm 4700 5600 5600 5600 4600+1350
    Engine model YC6J180-46 D10.34-40 D10.34-40 D10.34-40 WD615.95
    Engine power KW 132 249 249 249 249
    Fuel tank capacity L 400 400 400 400 400
    Emission standard National IV National IV National IV National IV National IV
    Total weight Kg 15000 19060 20800 25000 28870
    Overall dimension mm 9630
    Others Lubrication mode Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic
    Oil tank capacity L 600 650 500 500 600
    Control mode Manual+remote    control Manual
    +remote    control
    Manual+remote    control Manual
    +remote    control
    Manual+remote    control
    Max. water pressure MPa 0.8 0.8 0.8 0.8 0.8
    Water tank capacity L 500 500 400 400 500
    Pipe cleaning    mode Water    cleaning
    /dry cleaning
    Water    cleaning
    /dry    cleaning
    Water    cleaning
    /dry    cleaning
    Water    cleanin/dry  cleaning Water    cleaning
    /dry    cleaning


    Application security considerations:

    1.Concrete pump trucks can only be used for concrete transportation, and any use other than this (such as lifting heavy objects) is dangerous.

    2 The height and distance of the concrete pumped by the pump boom are strictly calculated and experimentally confirmed. Any subsequent pipe connection at the end hose or lengthening of the end hose exceeding 3 m is not allowed, and the resulting risk is caused by The operator bears

    3.Unauthorized modification of the pump truck that may affect safety, including changing safety pressure and operating speed setting; changing to large diameter duct or increasing duct wall thickness, changing control procedures or wiring. Changes to the boom and legs, etc.

    4.pump operators must wear safety helmets and comply with safety regulations and safety regulations on the site.


    Support safety precautions:

    1.Supporting the ground must be horizontal. Otherwise it is necessary to make a horizontal bearing surface. Can not be supported on the cavity.

    2.The pump truck must be supported on a solid ground. If the maximum pressure of the legs is greater than the allowable pressure of the ground, the support plate or auxiliary bricks must be used to increase the bearing surface area.

    3.When the pump truck is supported near the pit or slope, sufficient safety clearance should be reserved.

    4.When supporting, it is necessary to ensure that the whole machine is in a horizontal state, and the maximum horizontal angle of the front, rear, left and right of the whole machine does not exceed 3 degrees.

    5.When the legs are unfolded or folded, the range of rotation of the legs is a dangerous area, and the personnel may be pinched in the range.

    6.When supporting, all legs must be telescoped and unfolded to the specified position (the legs are aligned with the arrows on the ears, the front leg arms are aligned with the front leg extension arm arrows) or there is a risk of tipping over

    7.The support legs must be supported as required to operate the boom. The boom must be placed on the main support of the boom to receive the legs.

    8.Factors that reduce the stability must immediately close the boom, and then re-support as required, the factors that reduce stability


    Stretching boom safety precautions:

    1.The boom can only be operated after confirming that the pump truck legs have been properly supported. The operating boom must be in the order described in the operating procedures.

    2.Under the thunderstorm or bad weather conditions, the boom cannot be used. The boom cannot be used in weather greater than 8 winds

    3.When operating the boom, all of the boom should be within the operator’s field of view

    4.Be careful of the risk of electric shock when working near high voltage lines, and ensure the safety distance between the boom and the wires.

    5.Below the boom is a dangerous area, there may be concrete or other parts falling and hurting people

    The end hose shall not be allowed to stand within the specified range of the end hose. The pump shall not guide the end hose when it is pumped. It may sway and injure people or spray concrete to cause an accident.

    6.The danger zone when starting the pump is the area around which the end hose swings. The area diameter is twice the length of the end hose. The maximum length of the end hose is 3m, and the diameter of the dangerous area is 6m.

    7.Do not bend the end hose. The end hose cannot be pushed into the concrete.

    8.If the boom is not working properly, press the emergency stop button immediately. It can be used by professionals to find out the cause and eliminate it.


    Pumping and maintenance safety precautions:

    1.When the pump is running, do not open the safety protection facilities such as the hopper screen and the water tank cover. Do not put your hand into the hopper, or use the hand to grasp other moving parts.

    2.When pumping, it is necessary to ensure that the concrete in the hopper is above the position of the shaft of the foot to prevent concrete injection caused by inhalation of gas.

    3.When plugging the pipe, it is necessary to first release the pressure in the pipe before the pump can be disassembled.

    4.Maintenance and repair work can only be carried out when the pump truck is placed on a stable floor and it is ensured that no accidental movement will occur.

    5.Only when the boom is closed or reliably supported, maintenance and repair work can be carried out when the engine is closed and the legs are fixed.

    6.must stop before maintenance and release accumulator pressure

    7.If the corresponding boom is not fixed first, the boom hydraulic lock will be opened, and there is danger of the arm frame falling and injuring people.

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