Conele pavement brick production mixing equipment drives the development of green wall materials


conele planetary mixer jack sun (2)

Pavement brick production equipment is a low-carbon energy-saving brick making equipment. It uses industrial waste as raw material for production and has no pollution during production. It is a new type of green environmental protection production method. The use of these wastes and waste to produce new wall materials reduces construction costs and improves building quality, making a great contribution to the construction industry.


Conele paver production mixer equipment is widely used in the production of raw materials, using cement, sand and fly ash, coal gangue, slag and other industrial waste or construction waste as the main material, using a reasonable formula, stirred by a planetary mixer, Vibration, pressing and other processes to produce a variety of new industrial buildings and living bricks. The products produced by the pavement brick production equipment have high environmental protection intensity, good durability, dimensional standard, complete shape and uniform color. They have a simple and natural appearance and are excellent environmental protection materials that the country is vigorously advocating.


Post time: Jan-09-2019
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