How to determine the fault position when the mixing pump broken?

On the construction site, the participation of mixing pump greatly improved the building efficiency. In daily construction, because of the high-load operation throughout the day, the mixing pump will inevitably present some problems. These problems need to be handled promptly by the operator to prevent the equipment from stalling for a long time and delay the construction progress. For example, when the mixing pump suddenly broken in construction, how to determine the fault location is the first problem to be considered.

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1. Electrical considerations are whether there is an emergency stop, whether there is a problem that the solenoid valve coil is not working well, and the hydraulic pump has temperature protection. Generally, it will stop when it exceeds 90°, and it can check whether the radiator is excellent in heat dissipation, and the investigation reveals the screen. The temperature of the radiator fan that exceeds 60 degrees should automatically turn on. There is also a pressure sensor. If the pressure is too high, the system will think that the pipe is blocked, it will reduce the displacement, and the external phenomenon of performance is not pumped.

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2. From the hydraulic point of view, whether the pumping main valve or the pumping solenoid valve is stuck, forming a pumping high pressure oil leakage; whether the main oil pump displacement valve has pressure, and whether the main pump has high pressure oil output, whether there is pressure on the main oil cylinder.

concrete mixer with pump

3. If you are pumping concrete, you can see if it is blocked or not, and it will not work.

That’s how to repair the mixer with pump when suddenly stop working.

Please noted that when repairing the machine, you must ask the professional person to do this and take care of safety

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Post time: Mar-04-2019
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