How to maintain concrete mixing plant in winter

With the coming of winter, many construction enterprises and users ignore the maintenance of concrete mixer equipment in winter. Proper use and maintenance of concrete mixer equipment in winter is a prerequisite for smooth production. So, how should the customer maintain and maintain the concrete mixing station in winter?

HZS75 concrete mixing plant

1. Keep the machine and its surroundings clean;

2. Check whether the connection between the parts of the machine is fastened before the mixer is used;

3. Remove the material in the hopper in time, and rinse it with water. If the waste condenses, the sensor will not return to zero normally;

4, check the lubricating oil of each lubricating point is sufficient, add the lubricating oil in time, the oil mist in the air path system should keep enough oil quantity;

5, the water supply device should keep clean, check and clean the suction valve in time to avoid clogging;

6. Check the circuit equipment, check whether there is overheating in the motor or the electric appliance, abnormal noise, whether the indication of the instrument is normal, and whether the signal system is in good condition;

7. Check and adjust cylinder, butterfly valve and solenoid valve so as to meet the requirements of opening and closing, and avoid the abnormality caused by insufficient power or sound.

8, often to each set up the system to carry on the inspection, in time handles the leakage ash, the leakage gas, the oil leakage and the electricity leakage and so on phenomenon must deal with in time (lest causes the unnecessary production accident);

9. The mixer and the hopper should be cleaned once in time. If the residual concrete is consolidated, it may affect the normal operation of the machine.

10, after each use should release the air compressor, gas storage tank and filter and other internal water, and remove the operation of the fault;

Post time: Jan-18-2019
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