How to use and maintain the concrete mixing plant (II)

jack sun concrete mixing plant

(6) the equipment operator must undergo technical training, pass the examination and issue the operation certificate and check regularly. The equipment is forbidden to be used by those without the equipment operation certificate.

(7) apprentices and students shall use the equipment according to the instructions of the equipment under the guidance of the master or special person.

(8) personnel who change the equipment shall be approved by the Electrical and Mechanical Department, the Safety and quality Department and the Chief engineer.

(9) The plant operator shall carefully read the instructions for the use of the equipment, strictly enforce the safety operating procedures, maintain the maintenance regulations and the shift transfer system, and the equipment used in the two-shift or three-shift system shall be carefully filled in by the user. To do face-to-face, mutual inspection and inspection, clear responsibility, joint signature.

(10) The plant operator should carefully fill in equipment operation records, maintenance records and technical conditions, and achieve “three good” (good management, good use, good maintenance and repair), “four sessions” (will use, will maintain and repair, will check and check, will troubleshoot), Overload is strictly prohibited.

(11) Keep the equipment in good technical condition.

(12) The plant operator should always be neat, clean, lubricated, safe and in good condition. Check, wipe, lubricate, adjust, fasten, etc., and wipe and clean before work.

(13) The plant operator must carry out regular maintenance, inspection and inspection of the equipment according to the regulations, report and deal with the hidden trouble and unsafe factors immediately, and make the relevant records carefully.

Post time: Dec-31-2018
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