How to use and maintain the concrete mixing plant (I)

jack sun concrete mixing plant

(1) The plant operator should carry out daily maintenance and regular maintenance work seriously to keep the plant in good order, clean, lubricated and safe.

(2)The plant operator should inspect, wipe, lubricate and fasten the equipment one by one in accordance with the prescribed order of the operation instruction, and wipe, clean and refuel the equipment before work. We should make a serious clean up on weekends and holidays

(3) The mechanical power equipment implements the five fixed lubrication system (fixed person, fixed point, fixed time, fixed quality, quantitative) system. The equipment operator should add lubricating oil in accordance with the requirements of the equipment operating instructions, and do a good job in the lubrication of the equipment.

(4) The relevant departments and personnel should strengthen the quality inspection and acceptance of lubricating grease, and the unqualified lubricating grease is not allowed to be used.

(5) Specific requirements for the lubrication

1.: equipment operation custodian, shared equipment custody responsible person must be in accordance with the equipment usage instructions, equipment wiping and lubrication work.

2.: the equipment operation custodian, the common equipment custody person must add the lubricating grease according to the equipment usage instruction.

3. Equipment operation custodian, shared equipment custody responsible for the time specified in the equipment instructions to add lubricating grease.

4. equipment operation custody, shared equipment custody of the responsible person must be in accordance with the equipment instructions for grease quality added lubricating grease.

5.The person responsible for the equipment operation and storage must add grease according to the quantity specified in the equipment usage instruction.

Post time: Dec-31-2018
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