HZS75 free foundation modular concrete mixing plant on Bauma

HZS75 CONCRETE MIXING PLANT JACK SUNHZS75 free foundation concrete mixing plant

Modular design, quick installation, can finish in five days;

During the installation process, firstly assemble each module,then integrally hoist partial frames, the whole plant installation can be completed, saving time and effort, being quick and convenient.

Low construction investment, small floor space, fast return;

In the process of installation and site selection, not necessary to make complex foundation. As long as the hardness tolerance and flatness of the site meet the equipment requirements, its installation and production can be finished with free foundation.

Convenient transition, flexible relocation, can leave without delay;

Our concrete batching plant adopts modular assembly during the installation, when need removal, the partial modules can also be disassembled,and complete partial large frame whole movement.So relocation is very convenient and quick.

Program is high-end and vivid, easy to learn and operate;

◊Use computer network and automatic control technology to carry out standardized management and control for the whole process of concrete production.

◊Have recipe storage, adjustment functions, can effectively adjust relevant control parameters.

◊You can view production data storage and print it at any time in various reports.

◊Control panel graphical design prompts the entire production operation, making the total production and management simple and easy.

◊Control system is diversified and can be equipped in multiple languages.

Post time: Dec-15-2018
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