New Product: 20m3/h Shotcrete Machine









New shotcrete machine finished today.

The shotcrete capacity is 20m3/h, it is small enough to deliver by a 40′HC container.

Technical Features:

1. High efficient: efficient injection and welly filling rate on concrete pumping; flexible operation and large coverage jet boom; fully automatic control system of injection.

2. Good spraying quality: precise mixing of quick-setting coagulant ingredients with concrete; high-quality concrete spray layer, lower concrete rebound rate.

3.  Wide range of spray: no build spots in the construction of the working arm, workers can take care of multiple support faces.

4. Safe and reliable: high-streshotcrete truck ruth shotcrete truck ruth#conele shotcrete machine ruth+8618363991473@sisoul shotcrete machine ruth+8618363991473 shotcrete machine ruth shotcrete machine ruth conele

Post time: May-23-2019
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