Treatment of Common faults of Screw conveyor

conele screw conveyor qingdao jack sun

I.Oil leakage

Fault : gear box shaft end seal broken

Measure: replace input shaft oil seal in motor, replace output shaft oil seal in pipe.

II. Ash leakage

Fault 1: the gear box shaft end seal is damaged,

Measure: replace seal gasket.

Fault 2: the observation window is not locked.

Measure : lock the top screw of the observation window and apply a layer of glass glue on the sealing plate.

Fault 3: joint,

Measure:joint welding or coating a layer of glass glue.

III. Noise or abnormal noise

Fault 1: motor bearing damage,

Measure: replace motor

Fault 2: gear box input bearing damage,

Measure: replacement of the same type of bearing

Fault 3: decelerator lubricating oil is not clean or insufficient,

Measure: replace lubricating oil and fill 2 / 3 of oil mirror

Fault 4: spiral cored shaft (blade) to the inner wall of the pipe,

Measure: adjust the concentricity of core shaft

Fault 5: fracture of middle shaft,

Measure: replacement of shaft

IV. Insufficient capacity of conveyors

Fault 1: powder material arches in powder cans,

Measure: open arch breaking device

Fault 2: insufficient material in powder tank,

Measure: supplementary material

Post time: Dec-28-2018
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