Why do we choose a vertical axis planetary mixer?


Different industries of concrete mixing plant select different types of mixer,usually premixed concrete mixing plant using vertical axis planetary mixer ,why ? and what’s its advantage?

1. The vertical axis planetary mixer has a high output. This mixer not only has a large model in the large production line, but also a small model equipment can be used in related experiments, the equipment mixing accuracy is high. Vertical axis planetary mixer model is very complete, no matter how many types of equipment, ensure that all equipment mixing function is consistent. The vertical axis planetary mixer is arranged in the concrete mixing station, which can not only design multiple discharge doors, but also be used by multiple production lines at the same time.

2. The vertical axis planetary mixer is easy to operate and has low failure rate. Vertical axis planetary mixer compact structure design, stable operation. There is no slurry leakage at the shaft end of the mixer, which greatly reduces the failure rate of the mixer, reduces the repair cost of the equipment, and reduces the maintenance process.

3. The material in the vertical axis planetary mixer moves in many directions to form an efficient mixing flow field, and the mixing material will not produce segregation, stratification and solidarity, and the mixing machine will not destroy the material strength, thus ensuring the original performance characteristics of the mixing material. Even if the material has a wide distribution of components, the vertical axis planetary mixer can also complete the high efficiency mixing. It is an ideal product in the mixing machinery at present. So the vertical axis planetary mixer is widely welcomed by PC production line and cement production line.

Post time: Dec-31-2018
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