Common problem

  • Post time: 03-04-2019

    On the construction site, the participation of mixing pump greatly improved the building efficiency. In daily construction, because of the high-load operation throughout the day, the mixing pump will inevitably present some problems. These problems need to be handled promptly by the operator to ...Read more »

  • How to maintain concrete mixing plant in winter
    Post time: 01-18-2019

    With the coming of winter, many construction enterprises and users ignore the maintenance of concrete mixer equipment in winter. Proper use and maintenance of concrete mixer equipment in winter is a prerequisite for smooth production. So, how should the customer maintain and maintain the concrete...Read more »

  • Post time: 01-09-2019

      Pavement brick production equipment is a low-carbon energy-saving brick making equipment. It uses industrial waste as raw material for production and has no pollution during production. It is a new type of green environmental protection production method. The use of these wastes and waste...Read more »

  • Why do we choose a vertical axis planetary mixer?
    Post time: 12-31-2018

    Different industries of concrete mixing plant select different types of mixer,usually premixed concrete mixing plant using vertical axis planetary mixer ,why ? and what’s its advantage? 1. The vertical axis planetary mixer has a high output. This mixer not only has a large model in the lar...Read more »

  • How to use and maintain the concrete mixing plant (II)
    Post time: 12-31-2018

    (6) the equipment operator must undergo technical training, pass the examination and issue the operation certificate and check regularly. The equipment is forbidden to be used by those without the equipment operation certificate. (7) apprentices and students shall use the equipment according to ...Read more »

  • How to use and maintain the concrete mixing plant (I)
    Post time: 12-31-2018

    (1) The plant operator should carry out daily maintenance and regular maintenance work seriously to keep the plant in good order, clean, lubricated and safe. (2)The plant operator should inspect, wipe, lubricate and fasten the equipment one by one in accordance with the prescribed order of the o...Read more »

  • Treatment of Common faults of Screw conveyor
    Post time: 12-28-2018

    I.Oil leakage Fault : gear box shaft end seal broken Measure: replace input shaft oil seal in motor, replace output shaft oil seal in pipe. II. Ash leakage Fault 1: the gear box shaft end seal is damaged, Measure: replace seal gasket. Fault 2: the observation window is not locked. Measure : lock...Read more »

  • Post time: 11-19-2018

    Read more »

  • 3 advantages of concrete planetary mixer
    Post time: 11-13-2018

    1. Good quality of equipment The quality of the planetary mixer is judged by the effect of use. In the process of use, the speed and quality of the mixing materials are good, and the low failure rate of the equipment can directly show the quality of the product. Mixing blade, bearing material ca...Read more »

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